Cosmología y Filosofía de Vida.

“There are things inside of us that are as old as the universe. They come from the Bhan. The Bhan was never alive, yet it carried the building plan for all life. You think you are in control of your life? You are not. The gods are. The Bhan shattered into countless pieces at the Big Bang – into a number so big it can’t be imagined. These are your gods. The Bhan and its shattered aspects aren’t alive. We are. The Bhan can’t think. We can. Every life form, every tree, every fish, every bird, every insect, mammal, and human carries two Bhan aspects. But the vast majority of Bhans will never incarnate into forms. Instead of building physical forms, they are the builders of consciousness. All Bhans communicate with the help of neutrinos. Without the Bhans, there wouldn’t be life. Without them, there would be chaos…

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Es Posible Ser Único.

“Estamos aquí solo por la posibilidad de ser únicos, no para participar en el juego del miedo.

No, no estamos aquí para participar en el juego del miedo. No, no estamos aquí para todo eso. Ni estamos aquí para organizarnos. Ni, tampoco, estamos aquí para dominar el planeta.

Sólo estamos aquí por que es posible ser nosotros mismos, nada más. La serendipia de tu existencia es el tesoro. Sigue leyendo “Es Posible Ser Único.”