MindLoops 1

Mindloops 1

Awareness is Love.

Awareness is

to accept the other Holistic Being with Love….listening

Awareness is

to swallow the centres of the other with Love….tasting

Awareness is

to travel through every circuit of the other with Love….smelling

Awareness is

to feel every channel of the other with Love…..touching

Awareness is

to breath every gate of the other with Love….hearing

Awareness is

to play with every line role of the other with Love…seeing

Awareness is

to laugh with the other of our Not Self with Love….dreaming

Awareness is

to chew the juices of the other with Love….digesting

Love is Awareness.

Awareness without Love maybe…intelligence.

Love without Awareness maybe… possession.


at the end

the universal equation:






Accepting youself ,

as Dasein,

existing in the Life Counciossness Universe,

ontic dependency,

simply to live.”

© Alf Gauna, 2015

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